Get Outdoors in Fethiye

The pretty harbour town of Fethiye, located on Turkey’s south western coast, makes a fabulous holiday destination.  There is plenty here to entice visitors, whether you want a relaxing sun kissed holiday or something all together more active, Fethiye is the perfect destination for you.  A beautiful area of Turkey surrounded by the turquoise seas of the Mediterranean and bordered by lush green, pine clad mountains.  Getting outdoors in Fethiye is the perfect way to explore and witness the area’s natural beauty.

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Beach Adventure Culture

Pre Turkey Holiday Planning

Turkey makes a great holiday destination for all, which ever holiday style you are searching for, Turkey has the ideal base for you.  Our blog last week ‘Booking a Holiday to Turkey’ helped you decide which resort to choose, as the location for your holiday, which board type to select and what type of hotel would suit your needs.  After deciding on all those important factors there are just a couple more things that you need to consider before you set off on your unforgettable holiday to Turkey.

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View of Marmaris harbour

Walk on Water on your next Holiday to Marmaris

Orhaniye is a small resort located 25km away from Marmaris on the western side of the BozburunPeninsula.  Marmaris is often called the Turkish Riviera due to the town’s natural harbour and the large number of boats and yachts that frequent the area but Orhaniye has the largest marina outside of Marmaris.  It’s another popular stop off on the blue cruise route which are so sought after in this breathtaking area of Turkey.

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Holiday to Turkey

Booking a Holiday to Turkey

Are you considering a holiday to Turkey this year?  A Turkey break makes a great holiday destination for everyone.  There is something here for everyone and as Turkey lies outside of the Euro zone it’s also a great value destination.  If would like to go on holiday to Turkey but don’t really know where to start when looking then just follow the step by step guide below and you could soon be jetting off an unforgettable holiday to Turkey!  Continue reading

Relics of Fethiye's ancient past

5 Unusual Facts about Fethiye

Fethiye is a much loved holiday destination, the town enjoys thousands of visitors every year.  There are many things that attract people to this area of Turkey such as beautiful beaches, historical sites and a variety of trips and excursions.  There are many brief synopses of Fethiye, that explain more about this pretty harbour town but here are some little known facts about Fethiye.

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